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BRD 068 Andrew Raffo Dewar NEW RELEASE! Interactions Quartet
BRD 066 Smonta Tutto (Robair/Braida/Locatelli) Piovono Bici
BRD 065 John Butcher & Gino Robair Apophenia
BRD 063 Gino Robair I, Norton (an opera in real time)
BRD 062 Gino Robair & Birgit Ulher Blips and Ifs
BRD 061 The New Black The White Album
BRD 060 Anthony Braxton Nine Compositions (DVD) 2003
BRD 059 Jon Raskin Quartet
BRD 058 CBD Trio (Brown/Vinkeloe/Robinson) Suspension
BRD 057 Jacob Lindsay/Gino Robair/Scott Looney Yellowcake
BRD 056 Moe! Staiano Piece No. 5 and No. 7 for Orchestra
BRD 055 John Shiurba 5x5 featuring Anthony Braxton 5x5 1.2=A
BRD 054 Jon Raskin & Myles Boisen Music + One
BRD 053 Splatter 3+N Clear the Club
BRD 052 Wolfgang Fuchs & Friends Six Fuchs
BRD 051 John Butcher & Gino Robair New Oakland Burr
BRD 050 Anthony Braxton Six Compositions (GTM) 2001
BRD 049 Peter Kowald/Miya Masaoka/Gino Robair Illuminations (Several Views)
BRD 047 Gianni Gebbia Arcana Major/Sonic Tarots Session
BRD 045 Derek Bailey/Evan Parker OUT OF PRINT Arch Duo
BRD 044 Gianni Gebbia/Garth Powell/Damon Smith People in Motion
BRD 043 Graham Connah's Sour Note Seven OUT OF PRINT Gurney to the Lincoln Center of Your Mind
BRD 041 Gebbia/Giannetto/Nunn/Palma/Powell/Robair/Smith A Night in Palermo
BRD 040 Graham Connah's Sour Note Six OUT OF PRINT My God Has Fleas
BRD 038 Steve Norton/Tom Plsek/Gino Robair Firehouse Futurities
BRD 037 Gianni Gebbia H Portraits
BRD 036 Club Foot Orchestra Plays Nino Rota
BRD 035 Bob Ostertag OUT OF PRINT Flesh and Blood: Say No More Part 4
BRD 034 Water Shed 5tet Blue Plate Tectonics
BRD 032 Eugene Chadbourne Volume 2: Solo Acoustic Guitar
BRD 030 Masaoka/Nunn/Robair Crepuscular Music
BRD 029 Bob Ostertag OUT OF PRINT Verbatim: Say No More Part 3
BRD 028 David Tohir and his Backbone Angels Dancing in Virga
BRD 027 Rova Saxophone Quartet Morphological Echo
BRD 026 John Butcher London and Cologne Saxophone
BRD 025 Thomas/Robair Unity in Multiplicity
BRD 023 Gino Robair Singular Pleasures
BRD 022 Rituel New Music for a New America
BRD 021 The Splatter Trio Hi-Fi Junk Note
BRD 020 Ron Anderson Pak Small r Half Inch
BRD 019 Parker/Guy/Lytton Breaths and Heartbeats
BRD 018 Wavelength Infinity: A Sun Ra Tribute
BRD 017 Myles Boisen Guitarspeak
BRD 015 Brötzmann/Bendian/Parker Sacred Scrape
BRD 014 Pluto Shoe Horse Emerging
BRD 013 Club Foot Orchestra Wild Beasts, Kidnapped and More
BRD 012 Randy McKean So Dig This Big Crux
BRD 011 Debris Terre Haute
BRD 010 (Y)earbook Volume 3
BRD 009 (Y)earbook Volume 2
BRD 008 (Y)earbook Volume 1
BRD 007 The Splatter Trio AVAILBLE VIA DOWNLOAD ONLY Anagrams
BRD 006 Anything Goes Orchestra (Double Cassette) Bought Fruit/Got Meat
BRD 005 The Potato Eaters Potato Eaters
BRD 004 Gino Robair Other Destinations
BRD 003 The Splatter Trio Splatter Trio
BRD 002 Anthony Braxton/Gino Robair Duets 1987
BRD S2 The Potato Eaters Dog Eared (but forgotten) My World
BRD S3 Club Foot Orchestra Buster Keaton's Sherlock Jr.

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