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About Rastascan
RASTASCAN RECORDS is an artist-run label that allows musicians to present their music exactly as they see fit, without compromises. Our artists take part in every step of production--from recording to printing--so that the listener can be assured they are receiving a complete document of the artist's intent. Top quality sound and packaging are of highest priority.

Rastascan Records began with the release of a flexi-disc by the Anything Goes Orchestra in the early-80's. This flexi-disc was sent out to subscribers of OP magazine (and later to subscribers of Option magazine). The next few releases were cassette only by the AGO as well as the Righteous Thugs, a punk band from Redlands, CA.

In 1986, Gino Robair moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, and with Rastascan Records (named after the term "rasters" from television technology) released two recordings featuring the composer/saxophonist Anthony Braxton. By 2011, approaching 30 years in business, Rastascan Records has produced 70 releases and continues to carve out its own niche in creative and improvised music.

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