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Gianni Gebbia H Portraits

Gianni Gebbia: alto and soprano saxophone

Gianni Gebbia is quickly becoming known as one of most innovative young improvisers in Europe today. His playing is as much reminiscent of the music of the Mediterranean islands (such as his native Sicily) as it is of European free jazz. In fact, much of the inspiration for his circular breathing and rustic scales come from a little known Sardinian instrument called the Launeddas, which is capable of playing a number of tones simultaneously. Gianni Gebbia builds on this principle and adapts it to his own saxophone work. H Portraits contains 12 solo improvisations recorded in the studio in Oakland, California during Gebbia's first trip to the US in 1997.

"Gebbia's melodies hint at earthy, antique circus music, while his two-horns-at-once excursions riff like a less sardonic Rahsaan Roland Kirk." -Popwatch

More information about Gianni Gebbia is available here.

Total Time: 64:00
Pieces: Helmholz, Houdini, Hiroshige, Heifetz, Hemphill, Hilbert, Huygens, Hopi, Heisenberg, Hokusai, Humpty-Dumpty, Hymn

(In the U.S.)


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