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VARIOUS ARTISTS: (Y)earbook Volume II

The second in a three volume compilation (each available separately) of 114 improvisers from around the world, covering a wide variety of approaches to improvisation.

1. Chris Jonas/Daniel Sarid: High River
Chris Jonas: soprano sax
Daniel Sarid: piano

2. John Zorn Ensemble: Xu Feng
John Zorn: conductor
Myles Boisen: guitar
Gannon Hall: drums
Bob Ostertag: sampler
David Slusser: electronics
Trey Spruance: guitar
William Winant: percussion
Recorded live in concert September 9, 1991, Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA.

3. Ben Goldberg: Improvisation on Halfinet
Ben Goldberg: halfinet

4. The Molecules: Radio's Broken
Roan Anderson: guitar, cornet
Chris Milner: bass, voice
Thomas Scandura: drums
Luke Civil: percussion

5. Steve Adams: How Scientific Theories are Verified
Steve Adams: alto sax

6. Morphic Resonance: Gateway
Roger Dannenberg: trumpet, trumpet-controlled MIDI
Chris Koenigsberg: Buchla Thunder, recorder
Ben Opie: alto sax
Dean Rubine: monster feedback
Peter Velikonja: oboe, recorder

7. Miguel Frasconi: 4 Corners, 3 Parts
Miguel Frasconi: piano, paper, voice

8. Pierre Dorge: Mumbul (Variation VII)
Pierre Dorge: guitar

9. Robert Marsanyi: AP:27 Bits
Robert Marsanyi: guitar
Carter Scholz: voice

10. Mike Hovancsek: Railyard Meditation
Mike Hovancsek: electric zither, delay
Hal Rammel: sound pallette, delay
Rick Williamson: vocals, vocoder

11. Krystyna Bobrowski Weave, Unravel (for Baci; excerpt)
Weavers: Erin Espeland, Kathryn Rifer, and Krystyna Bobrowski

12. Keith Rowe: Untitled
Keith Rowe: guitar, tape, processing

13. Anything Goes Orchestra: Recent Music
Virgina Anderson: Eb Clarinet
Steve Estes: piano
Dave Tohir: trombone
Kirk Udvardi: alto sax
Scott Vance: bass clarinet
Marty Walker: bass clarinet

Producer: Gino Robair. Liner Notes: Dave Barrett. Design: Hilary Davis/Davis Design

"A turbid dive into new music, this release packs everything from free-form jazz-like scraw to variations in composition, structure and situation to solo exploration. Essential." --Wired

"Improvised music is an acquired taste, and (Y)earbook is a good menu for the listener to order from." --Alternative Press

(In the U.S.)


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