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Gianni Gebbia Arcana Major/Sonic Tarots Session

Gianni Gebbia: alto and Eb sopranino saxophone

On Arcana Major/Sonic Tarots Session, Gianni Gebbia offers 22 solo saxophone improvisations, each realized by choosing a card from the XXII Arcana Major tarot deck and improvising on it. To make single-card predictions using this CD, Gianni suggests that the listener think of a question, put his or her CD player in shuffle mode, and hit play. "The resulting piece will represent your answer," he says.

The pieces are Magician, High Priestess, Empress, Emperor, Pope, Lover, Chariot, Justice, Hermit, Wheel of Fortune, Force, Hanged Man, No Name (death), Temperance, Devil, Tower, Stars, Moon, Sun, Judgement, World, Fool. The total time of the CD is 57:53.

This is a co-release with Stereo Supremo and is part of its Objet-A Series of releases. Arcana Major/Sonic Tarots Session is a limited edition of 500 copies and comes in a colorful, silkscreened paper sleeve. The cover art is by Flavio Di Marco.

The pieces were recorded at Guerrilla Studios in Oakland, California by Myles Boisen (February, 2001) and at Miao Studios, Palermo, Italy by Natale Lopes.

"Gebbia's melodies hint at earthy, antique circus music, while his two-horns-at-once excursions riff like a less sardonic Rahsaan Roland Kirk." -Popwatch

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More information about Gianni Gebbia is available here.

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