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Smonta Tutto!
Piovono Bici!

Alberto Braida: piano, prepared piano, percussion
Nino Locatelli: clarinets, bells, percussion
Gino Robair: percussion, Blippoo Box

Piovono Bici! was recorded live, March 25, 2009, at "In Viaggio #9" at Sala Vallaperti in Melzo, Italy. The title and cover designs were borrowed from a pair of t-shirts given to us by the kind folks at Ciclo Officina in Milan, where the group played their first show a year earlier.

This edition is limited to 300 copies, each packaged in a cardboard sleeve.

"The musicians push aside their training and egos, and create pure, primitive, free music. It's completely transfixing." -- Jacob Felix Heule, East Bay Express.
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